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What kind of place is Yatsushiro?Set almost in the center of Kyushu, Yatsushiro City has grown as an economic and cultural center since the Manyo period.The Castle Town has an old world elegance with its moats and stone walls, whereas the Hinagu Hot Springs has a history spanning 600 years.  One of the three most rapid streams in Japan, the Kuma-gawa River feeds into the Yatsushiro Sea, while Gokanosho is the mountainous village of legend for the Heike soldiers who fled battle.  The Myomisai is an overflowing picture of exoticism, while the Yatsushiro National Fireworks Competition draws firework artisans from all over the country.  A sense of history, a shade of culture, the bustle of exchange; Yatsushiro has many faces.  Wrapped in rich nature and natural features, why not take a trip to Yatsushiro?

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