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Yatsushiro Myokensai (Nationally Designated Significant Intangible Folk Cultural Asset)

See, touch and feel the traditions we've inherited.

The “Yatsushiro Myokensai” is one of Kyushu's biggest three festivals. It got its start in the Edo period as a tribute honoring warriors.It then grew into something many people could enjoy as local leaders and people began to take part. The Shinko Gyoji (Okudari) and the Goya take place on the 22nd, the night before the festival. The festival is held on the 23rd, with another Shinko Gyoji (Onobori). Many attractions of this festival are passed down since the Edo period, like the lion dance and kasaboko, kida, hanayakko, wooden horses, horse decorations and more. The Myokensai festival is a great opportunity to see a brilliant and accurate example of Japan's rich cultural history.

Yatsushiro Myokensai

Yatsushiro National Fireworks Competition Famous firework artisans from around Japan will entrance everyone with their techniques…

The only National Fireworks Competition in Western Japan occurs every year on the third Saturday in October. Thirty firework artisans from Akita to Kagoshima will battle it out and show off their techniques. In addition to 18cm and 33cm competition fireworks, there will also be opening fireworks and musical firework shows set to music.

Yatsushiro National Fireworks Competition

Kyushu International Three Day March

A season flush with greenery 3 days to feel the richness of nature

The Three Day March is a walking festival set in the Yatsushiro plains which are known for their natural beauty. They also have the best rush in Japan, nurtured by the Kuma-gawa and Hikawa rivers. This three-day long walking festival showcases many of the area's scenic spots and cultural assets.
◆Dates: Second Fri / Sat / Sun of May (3 days)

Kyushu International Three Day March

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